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02:38pm 23/06/2011
mood: aggravated
Dear Spammers,

The prosperous_fox is merely retired from this blog .... she has not disappeared. Thus, she will erase your spammy messages, so don't even bother. Kindly find some other blog to deface, or better yet, a new spam-free job.


the prosperous_fox
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06:09pm 28/01/2009
mood: thoughtful

Handmade doll entitled "Annouk and Fox Mask"
by Christine Alvarado - Du Buh Du Design Studio

Well gentle reader, my foxes, vixens and kits perhaps you may have wondered at my disappearance... well, all is not what it seems. You see, the prosperous_fox is not the PRosPERoUS FoX. The gatherer of goodies for this blog, has been, none other than minouette, who has more-or-less been pretending to be reynardin. She (that is I) started this blog for reynardin, to reynardin's specifications, though reynardin has yet to take up the mantle of blogging here.
***Fingers Crossed***
Hopefully that will change soon.

In the meanwhile, if you like what you see here, or have enjoyed this particular brand of insanity somewhat eccentric collections of art, illustration, design, bits of science and OTHERness, please join me at Magpie & Whiskeyjack where I have now begun to gather my findings of lovely & intriguing things.

Also, stay tuned! If you do not know, and are asking, who is this is this reynardin who would inspire such a long-standing rouse. Well she is a talented animator, artist and illustrator. She is the one who drew my avatar. When *cough!* she begins to blog about PRosPERoUS FoX here, you won't want miss it.

All the best, from the one you have known as the prosperous_fox
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folklore, and headware   
06:11pm 03/01/2009
mood: hungry
spirit hands

A recent reminder lead me to revisit the work of Raquel Aparicio. I recommend you do too!
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A girl and her tapir...   
03:33pm 31/12/2008
mood: contemplative
A very happy new year, to all my foxes and vixens!

girl with tapir

2008 has come to an end - a reason to celebrate!
(image from planet FABULON)
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where still life meets folk art meets high fashion   
12:49pm 18/12/2008
mood: creative
Somewhere in there is the mind of Olaf Hajek. You should take the time to check out his extensive portfolio.

[via bohemian hellhole]
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12:48pm 17/12/2008
mood: amused

Ah yes, it is the prosperous_fox's well known predisposition for bat costumes, once again. Though, I must confess, this one is a wee bit odd. It's the anatomy, silly. I mean, sure, she's got a bat head sticking out of her forehead, fine. But, does she have a neck? Certainly not one in proportion to, ahem. [Weird Tales, October, 1933, via If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger There'd be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats]
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Butterflies - STILL - the new pirates   
02:07pm 15/12/2008
mood: impressed
Yes, my little foxes and vixens, it is true. The butterflies are the new pirates trend has made it from the streets to haute couture. Check out this installation by architect Andrea Mastrovito at Dior Homme in Paris featuring 9000 butterfly silhouettes*.

You will note that black, is of course, still the new black.

[via happy mundane]

The prosperous_fox however, never sees the world in black and white, so she would like exciting butterfly tights** from Love Colour-Love Tights!

*Silhouettes, also still big.
**Also keen on multicolour polka dot and anything Japanese-inspired. In fact any exciting, but not tacky tights, would tickle her fancy. ***ahem***
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the unknown in photographs   
04:01pm 09/12/2008
mood: indescribable
Check out the mysterious work of London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.

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Of mice, and birds and mirrors   
11:55am 09/12/2008
mood: confused

larytta - souvenir de chine - video directed by körner union

Umm... yeah. [via happy mundane]
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Hat Trick   
05:38pm 05/12/2008
mood: amused

[via Planet Fabulon]

Have a great weekend.
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Unicorn vs. Panda   
12:34pm 05/12/2008
mood: amused

The Aeternae stomps proudly with his baby angora unicorns in the Northern Plains of India. 180 BCE

Would you like to see line drawings, in black on white with red (& maybe some others), of unitaurs, characters who look like surrealist rejects from the Klondike Goldrush, amputees, pandas, narwhals impaling creatures, The Great Dictator, mermen, violence to and by animals, blood and unicorns? Maybe some collage too? Then look no further than Micheal C. Hsuing (or his flickr set).

During an extravagant feast, the satyr attempts to flag down the servers for some luscious grapes

Steer in fine china / Obese steer tipping over teacup

In regards to the lucky penguin who escaped impalement by the narwhal

He's got an LJ at michealchsiung and an etsy shop here.
thoughts for the Fox?
07:32pm 04/12/2008
mood: tired

Straydog, 9"x 12"

Check out the work of Toronto-based, Iranian-born, new Canadian Mirak Jamal (at his blog or his flickr). His work explores his experiences of being a repeated refugee, moving from country to country with his family, most recently deported from the US. He writes, "I have hereby chosen to extend my personal journey through artwork that deals with issues such as belonging/identity, loss/triumph, despair/hope, and the appealing ideal of internationalism."

Portrait of a Refugee 2007, 22"x30", mixed-media

Iran 9"x12"

I found his via this interview on my love for you is a stampede of horses.
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Gator, Tiger, Chimp   
02:52pm 04/12/2008
mood: impressed
Via Le Divan Bohémien, my foxes and vixens, I bring you some London restaurant decor from Les Trois Garçons by the firm Airspace:

That's right. The scepter-wielding alligator wear a crown. The tiger wears a headdress. The cigar-smoking chimp nattily matches his bowtie with medal and his own crown. The deer seems a little obvious, but they make up for it with the seahorse. The bulldog, though, has butterfly wings.

That's what I'm talking about.
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01:39pm 03/12/2008
mood: busy
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Wednesday I gave beijingbetty a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). Last Saturday I bought porn for minouette (-10 points). In November I gave reynardin a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points). In January I put gum in synap's hair (-12 points). In May I punched credjeep in the arm (-10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (13 points). For Christmas I deserve a Lego set!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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wisting away   
12:40pm 02/12/2008
mood: hungry
OK. The prosperous_fox officially reads TOO. MANY. DESIGN. BLOGS.
This morning, before even finishing her coffee (never a very auspicious time of day) she has fallen in love with furniture and textiles which appear on websites without dollar values (a very VERY bad sign indeed). Lately, it's all about the yellow.* Why? Don't ask why... just get thee some mustard or sunshine or gold items** and run with it. First, it is the cheeky "My Beautiful Backside" collection of London-based design duo Doshi Levien. Let's say you are some mysterious, independently wealthy, but inordinately bored individual, and for kicks, you think you'd like to sponsor a mysterious blogging vixen. Buy her this couch:
(from behind, of course)

Here it is with its larger blue brother:

It was inspired by this (which is a clear indication of genius):

They write "The Garden of Life" is a beautifully illustrated and practical guide to the use of plants in a range of applications - sacred, medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and aromatic. Author Naveen Patnaik. This painting inspired the Moroso collection My Beautiful Backside....

a Maharani sitting on the floor of her palace, surrounded and supported by multiples of pebble shaped cushions.
[via Oh Joy!]

So I think this would look awesome in my imaginary home along with an urban quilt by San Francisco textile artist Amy Ahlstrom. Don't you think?

OakTown (2008) 30" x 30" Dupioni silk and cotton

Since she was featured on Apartment Therapy is a little less recherché perhaps, but clearly another genius who makes these by hand, combining the prosperous_fox's love of textiles, quilting and graffiti.

SFBe-Bop 1 (2007) 11" x 80" Dupioni silk and cotton

Tell me, gentle reader, what appears in your imaginary homes?

*This is an allusion to a dream long ago of minouette's, who was laughing in her sleep. Intrigued, her partner asked gently, "What are you laughing about?" to which, ever-sleeping, she replied, "It's the yellow!" which left him all the more mystified. She never told him, she was dreaming about Malvolio, in Twelth Night and his stockings, which was too improbable not to be true.
**Ginkgo biloba leaf patterned or with peacocks. You heard it here.
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Cat Oppressor   
02:19pm 28/11/2008
mood: unusual
Check out the evocative paintings and drawings of Jonathan Viner.

Title: The Oppressor
Size: 5.25" x 7.25"
Medium: Graphite pencil on paper

Title: The Virtues of Gathering

Title: White Butterfly
Size: 5.25" x 7.25"
Medium: Graphite pencil on paper

Title: Blue Blonde

He has a website here and a shop here. [via Aesthetic Outburst]
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the lady centaur   
09:58pm 23/11/2008
mood: mysterious
prosperous_fox likes to read the joannakatt's blog by Swedish illustrator Johanna Öst. You should check out her illustrations here - her obsessions include 18th century fashion, pin-ups, outer space, animal people and fairy tales.
Recently, she made a posting about her childhood love for "horse girls" in Disney's Fantasia and how this has inspired the following:

but she also posted a series of screen shots from the film:

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walk on by...   
06:23pm 18/11/2008
mood: weird
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the hand that feeds   
05:57pm 18/11/2008
mood: mischievous


Check out the work of Oakland-based artist Marina Luz! She seems obsessed with foxes, silhouettes, hands, sewing, the sea and Daguerreotypes and as such, is a hit with the prosperous_fox. She even has an etsy store called honeylux wherein one can find letterpress prints of several of her illustrations.




In fact, if you love the prosperous_fox you should buy her poisontail for xmas. Its name comes from In Cauda Venenum (hi there credjeep! see, gratuitous Latin) which she translates as "There is Poison in the Tail". It is only $5.00 US. The prosperous_fox is finding that preparing for the annual mass-consumerist orgy holiday season is fraught with temptation for collecting art pitfalls, and prefers to give rather than receive.*

*But will drop hints... solely in the name of helpfulness.... of course.
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Winter stories...   
01:34pm 14/11/2008
mood: mysterious
is the name of a recent exhibit by photographer Paolo Ventura, shown in Paris. His work blurs reality and fiction. prosperous_fox is particularly taken with this one:

[via Le Divan Fumoir Bohémien]
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